PINEAPPLE is the taste of Hawaii in a cup!   Real pineapple combined with Original is a sweet luscious healthy treat!   If it’s on tap twist it with Coconut for Pina Colada


PEAR We bring that sweet, soft juicy flavor of Pear to frozen yogurt.  Pear puree mixed in with Orignal.  Simple, Sweet and oh soooo delicious!

Peach Pie

PEACH PIE is the summer time jewel!  Peach puree & crust swirled in with fresh milk and yogurt!

Passion Fruit

PASSION FRUIT is a tropical wonder!  Some think it tastes like a mango with lemon and others say it’s a combination of papaya and pineapple.  We say it’s delicious!!


PEACH!  Nothing says summer like a delicious sweet peach.  We take peaches and toss them in with Original.   The sweet taste of summer is here!!