Peppermint Chocolate Cookie

PEPPERMINT CHOCOLATE COOKIE is a winter Holiday Flavor!  Peppermint and Chocolate Cookies swirled with Original!

Peppermint Mocha

PEPPERMINT MOCHA is our frozen yogurt take on the popular and delicious coffee drink. We use peppermint and our own cold brew using coffee from Six Depot Roastery and mix it with our Original!  

Peach Pie

PEACH PIE is the summer time jewel!  Peach puree & crust swirled in with fresh milk and yogurt!

Maple, Vanilla & Nutmeg

MAPLE, VANILLA & NUTMEG is another flavor our friends at Tea Guys, Hadley MA.    Rooibos tea, maple syrup, freshly grated nutmeg and vanilla bean.    The delicious taste of Fall!!


MAPLE  is made with the syrupy goodness from  the “Sugar Shack” at Ioka Valley Farms –  Hancock, MA.