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The best frozen yogurt starts with the Cow!!!

Our frozen  yogurt comes from a cow — not from a mix.   We make our frozen yogurt in small batches every day, on-site using skim milk and low fat yogurt from local dairies and fresh ingredients.   The dairy used to make our yogurt comes from small independent farms and does not contain antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones.  

Our farmers raise grass fed, healthy and happy cows!
Our frozen yogurt is high in calcium and protein,  does not contain preservatives or any artificial sweeteners and since we use real skim yogurt it's loaded with live and active probiotic cultures.  We create our own seasonal flavors from local farms and artisans when possible so they are ever changing!   You can enjoy our frozen yogurt spring, summer, fall and even winter!  
There are only a handful of stores that craft their own frozen yogurt. Most have chosen for ease of operations to serve frozen yogurt from prepackaged mixes.

That's not fresh and that's not Ayelada!

Freshly crafted frozen yogurt is a uniquely satisfying taste experience and with flavors as low as twenty five calories an ounce our fat free, creamy, smooth frozen yogurt can be regularly enjoyed.